The title of this post may be cliche, but it’s one that never gets old. I was hoping to exclaim the same when raising Scott (the tallest man in the picture of last week’s assembly, on the left half) out of the waters of immersion today, but resistance came in yet another form. Yesterday, we went to Jumah’s apartment complex after hearing it had a pool with water. Since the guards themselves have been coming to our assembly, they were able to confirm. The one thing they didn’t confirm was that it was open or not to the public on that particular day. For some reason it was closed and so we chatted for awhile, the off-duty guards being among the minglers, before returning to our abodes. Homer also came along, spending a good deal more time with us this Saturday in contrast to our usual lunch meet at Subway where we continue to study the ‘Cleansing’ book when we can. We’re now at chapter three where it reviews the Reformation and Restoration histories; returning to the ancient name, ancient book, ancient order of things, ancient gospel and ancient power.

Our truth-seeking guests, L to R: Vivid, Scott, Ethan, Jumah, Michael, Alma, Wen Hua

My classes went well this week and I was able to share the coloring page above with some first grade classes, but the reason for the season I was able to share with all of them, even two classes where the parents were invited. Times like these always raise my courage quotient, which I’ll ever appreciate.

Another thing worth mentioning: even as Scott was working his way backwards from taking the dip of eternal importance today, another gentleman stepped forward. A young Chinese man studying Law who happens to be a friend of Wen Hua and Jumah came to watch the scheduled event. Little did he know, he’d be the main attraction with rejoicing angels and heavenly things like that. We’d become engaged in conversation on the way to the University’s reservoir (Where Wen Hua and Spring had previously been immersed) when he introduced himslef as a brother in Christ. With some further probing, it surfaced that he’d only been sprinkled. After letting him know that those were man’s terms and not God’s, he said he needed to be truly immersed. At first he figured he didn’t have the right clothes (I begged to differ, with him wearing shorts and a shirt like Scott and myself). He changed his mind when Scott wasn’t feel up to it on account of water quality. Paul was baptized instead and afterward we had Lord’s supper on the grassy bank. This was certainly a day the Lord had made. Lord willing, another soul is soon on it’s way into the Kingdom as well. I’ll be sure to mention it in my next post if it happens by then.

May God bless you all this week and always,

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