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This Bible study series is designed to teach you the basics of the New Testament. It is our prayer that it will accomplish its purpose. Whether you are a first time Seeker or a long-time Christian, the New Creation Bible Study Series has a lot to offer. This Bible study looks at what the Bible has to say, rather than what men have to say. The series was designed for a person to start in the first study: "Proof that the Bible is the WORD OF GOD" (even if you are a long time Christian). Then, work through the rest of the books as listed on order on the home page. Each book builds on the one before. This is by far, the best Bible studies I have ever seen for teaching "the truth" of the word of God. It will teach you how to interpret scripture and it will teach you to look at the Bible in a whole new way. The New American Standard Version of the Bible was used in preparation of this study and is quoted throughout. Remember that the author of these studies is an un-inspired human being and is subject to error, so you need to study to make sure these things are so.

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